Byte Networking Services

In information technology, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally.  Our systems integration engineers bring together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management or manual programming.  Systems integration requires all of our engineers to carry a broad range of skills in order to develop the right “glue” to help all of these various systems communicate with each other.

Network Services

We understand the entire network from end to end. We build enterprise class networks that are reliable, scalable and manageable. Byte Networking has developed network support services for corporations who deem their networks business critical. A wrong assumption or simple design decision can lead to poor results and expensive required changes when the implementation is complete. Let us design for you a network infrastructure that will make you competitive now and in the future.


Capacity Planning
Audit and Analysis


Linux/Windows Integration

We routinely integrate Windows and Linux platforms seamlessly together to provide excellent value based solutions and business services for many different environments. We provide integration at the client-level as well as the server-level. Our integration consulting services include domain level configuration, users account management, network security as well as open source productivity suites.  Server consolidation to Linux can help reduce hardware costs and improve management by using server virtualization technology.  Ask us for an assessment on how Linux cross-platform integrations can benefit your organization.



We specialize in virtualization and paravirtualization. Virtual machines are used to consolidate many physical servers into fewer servers, which in turn host virtual machines. Virtual machines can be used as “hot standby” environments for physical production servers. This changes the classical “backup-and-restore” philosophy, by providing backup images that can “boot” into live virtual machines, capable of taking over workload for a production server experiencing an outage. Virtualization has been instrumental in helping our customers leverage the most out of their hardware while at the same time optimizing their administrative overhead and disaster management.


Application Hosting

By deciding to host your applications on servers in our data center, you can avoid the extra cost that comes with committing the time and resources typically required to maintain a server environment in your own offices. Remotely hosting your server and applications not only takes the worry and effort from your business, but you have our full service guarantee and back-up facilities to ensure against downtime. We can either host your own server at our data center, or we can provide the server for you.


Co-location Services

Place your servers on our high-performance network at a fraction of the cost of running a dedicated high-bandwidth circuit. Take advantage of our connectivity and provide premium accessibility to your customers. We have redundant and backup systems in place to maintain services online as much as possible. In addition, we offer management services such as tape rotation and rebooting at a low, fixed cost as well as installation and system administration services.


Security Consulting

If you are connected to the Internet, a wide area network, or have remote users, your corporate data is at risk. In order to protect your mission critical data and customer information your organization needs an end-to-end security policy and the appropriate technologies.  We offer a range of security solutions based on your needs and will help you meet the new federal guidelines mandated by HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Technologies Represented

Virtual Private Networking
Firewall Clustering
Intrusion Detection and Alert Reporting
Vulnerability Studies
Secure Remote Access
Network Security


Centralized VPN Service

Allowing our customers to link multiple sites to a central network, safe in the knowledge that their connections are fully secure is a core part of this offering. Whether you want to link two offices, or a hundred, we can develop a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. Central to all our secure connections and VPNs are our industry leading firewalls and VPN concentrators; the most vital components in keeping Internet connections safe and secure.


Offsite Backup Service

Having a reliable data recovery plan in place can mean the difference between your business not missing a beat or losing thousands of hours of work. We offer you a way to automatically and securely transfer your data backups to multiple offsite locations that are physically and technically secure. Our automatic offsite data backup service can help organizations comply with legal regulations that require them to have appropriate controls of their data like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.


Spam Filtering Service

The problem of unsolicited e-mail has been increasing for years as unethical e-mail senders bear little or no cost for mass distribution of messages, yet normal e-mail users are forced to spend time and effort purging fraudulent and otherwise unwanted mail from their mailboxes. Our customized Spam filtering service is a mature, widely-deployed system that serves as a mail filter to identify Spam. We use a variety of mechanisms including header and text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases to catch and filter Spam before it reaches your mailbox.


Data Recovery and Forensics

We provide data recovery services for failed hard drives in laptops, desktop computers, data servers, RAID arrays, tapes and all other data storage media. Depending on the level of service you require, your data could be recovered in as little as 24 hours. Your data will be returned to you on the media of your choice.  For those ultra sensitive cases that require a Class 100 clean room we have partnered with the world renown Drive Savers.


Electronic Medical Record Systems

One of our areas of focus has been in electronic medical record systems and electronic health care systems as well as a variety of custom and proprietary practice management systems. Our technicians are adept at helping practices modernize their systems as the health industry moves from paper based systems into digital record systems. The process involved in the conversion of these physical records to an EMR is an expensive, time-consuming process, which must be done to exacting standards to ensure exact and accurate capture of the content.


Practice Management Systems

Practice management systems are often connected to electronic medical records systems and provide health care providers with a comprehensive method of capturing and recalling patient information from appointments to insurance claims. We have a broad range of experience with various practice management systems as well as the various electronic claims systems which send out claims using industry-standard electronic data interchange standards. We specialize in supporting these systems and maximizing the up-time and security of these systems.


VOIP/Telephony Using Asterisk

The open-source Asterisk PBX has been gaining in popularity as it offers surprisingly powerful telephony features on inexpensive hardware. Not only has it been saving companies money, but it has also been able to integrate telephony with network applications in ways that previously might not have been possible. It includes high-end features such as interactive voice response, voice mail, conference calling, and automatic call distribution and routing that have until now only been available on proprietary PBXs.


Development Services

Byte Networking has the experience and expertise to create and support a solution customized around your requirements and business goals. This service involves the initial design, modeling and implementation of a needed database using the latest in off-the-shelf applications or custom designed applications as well as customized front-ends.

Technologies Represented

Microsoft SQL
Microsoft Access
HTML Authoring
Macromedia Flash
PHP Authoring


IT Support Maintenance Agreements

Our System Support and Maintenance team adds a valuable layer of technical expertise and assistance. We provide onsite/offsite system support requirements 8 to 5 or 24/7. Our enhanced network support services include remote management, dedicated on-site resources to reduce the risk of downtime, preventative maintenance, periodic updates and network checks, and scheduled downtime. We offer maintenance agreements in the duration and service level specific to your business needs.